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Hi. Well, if you've gotten this far, you're somewhat interested, so read on. My greatest enjoyment right now is making a man feel like he's a King. I'm in the Fantasy Fulfillment business & I love to have lots of Frequent Friends. I also believe that certain things in life are better to rent than own. Wanna rent me for an hour, a day, a week? I'm here. No strings, no drama, no BS, no bait & switch, no games (unless you make the rules). Just pure adult Fun. Oh, if you're interested in seeing me more than once (most do) I offer my FFFB discount. The emphasis is on the first word - Frequent. Friends that last deserve rewards from time to time. We have to meet and have the right chemistry before I offer this to you so don't ask me to explain right away.

Seriously, I really do love pleasing men (OK I love to be pleased too). Do you have a Fantasy that you've never told anyone? I can help you. There are very few things I don't love to do, with or without my clothes on. I believe that true enjoyment is a matter of six inches. Now get your mind out of the gutter. I mean the six inches between your two ears. We both know that making that part of our bodies (our minds) feel great, especially while making all the other important parts feel great, is the ultimate high.

Want someone to accompany you to a ball game, social gathering, play, concert or just a quiet dinner? I'm a chameleon. I fit in anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I have several wigs and many different things to wear. I can be a quiet, short haired blonde, a vixen with long black hair or whatever you want me to be. C'mon. You only live once. Why not make it feel like you've lived twice? I promise, you won't be disappointed.

If we've never met, then I need some information. I respect your privacy but I need to feel secure. So, email me the following - Your full name, your cell number, your TER username, your occupation (I will delete this after we meet), at least two references (unless you have three Okays on P411) a picture (optional), when and where you want to see me for how long. As soon as you're verified, let's make some music together.

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