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A'zha Skyy · Phoenix Escort

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"Your Petite Paramour"

Hello World, My name is A'zha Skyy.(Pronounced "Asia"). I'm fairly new to coming out as an online provider but I've been moonlighting as a luxury companion for awhile now. I immensely enjoy the freedom of sexual expression and also entertain as a private dancer when time allows.
A little about me....

I'm 24 years old and next to you I will stand an adorable 5'1 in height (5'5 in heels) with a very petite and sexy 105lb body. I'm a crazy mix of Asian, Sicilian and Haitian and have a soft and beautiful almond skin tone with a smooth complexion and beautiful doll like features. My Mother is Cambodian/Sicilian and My Father is from Hati . I speak English as my first language and also understand a little French and some sign language as well.

I must say that I've had a very diverse upbringing, rich with culture ,and an strong emphasis on education. I believe that this has enlightened me with a unique and forward thinking outlook on life, and a genuine warm heart for everyone

I deeply enjoy various kinds of art, music of different genres, reading, dancing, singing, learning and overall just living in the moment. You'll find me to be a petite and fun-sized ball of personality who absolutely loves to entertain. If you decide to book with me please be someone who loves to laugh. I am quite playful and have a great sense of humor.

I do happen to be rather selective about who I see, and believe that when good chemistry and good communication occurs between us we can always remain friends for many years to come.

I take pride in having learned the art of balancing perfect manners, ettiquette and social graces with a sexy, carefree, down to earth and easy to talk to attitude. I can blend seamlessly into any situation or envirorment and can dress for whatever occasion you may desire. Whether it may be a night out on the town, a sporting event, business convention or simply a quiet, seductive and relaxing evening indoors, I'm sure you'll find me to be both a fabulous and appropriate companion during our time together.

I do enjoy a healthy lifestyle and I keep my mind and my body in shape by eating clean, daily exercise, yoga, meditation and other activities. I do enjoy an occasional glass of red wine in a social situation, However, I don't smoke, and choose not to consume hard alcohol, nor do I use drugs of any kind. I ask you to please respect my choices and not bring anything that would be deemed illegal during our time together. I don't judge what you may choose to do in your personal life, however, I caution that if you do show up to our engagment blatantly intoxicated, or your under the influence of drugs, I will politely refuse to see you.

I admire intellectual, positive and thought provoking conversations. You will always find me eager to listen and learn about your different passions, world travels, areas of expertise, and personal views on life. I enjoy my time as your companion and it shows.

Feel free to relax, unwind and be yourself whenever we indulge in our time together.

I look forward to meeting you and appreciate the time you've taken to begin getting to know me.

I am very low volume and selective about who I see

Please view my website in its entirety and check out my F.A.Q page to learn more about me.

If you think we are compatible please fill out my booking form

and let's enjoy each other soon!

In Anticipation


A'zha Skyy

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